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The Zoo

“Come on, Rose, you can do it,” Elise cooed as she caressed Rose’s body. 


Rose was Rosalina’s first calf. It was surreal that she was now in labor and about to have her first baby.


Nigel couldn’t believe five years had passed since he married Elise. There was no greater joy than having her by his side. 


Nigel finally understood what his father had meant when he said finding love meant finding happiness till eternity. Nigel’s attention was drawn to Elise’s swollen belly. He couldn’t believe they would also soon be having their first child. He glanced at Elise, who was glowing. He felt ten times luckier than every other man. 


“You’re strong and beautiful just like your mother. I know you can do this,” Elise cooed while the veterinarian got to work. 


Rose’s trumpeting filled the air as she kept stomping on the ground. 


“Elise, you need to step back. What if Rose unintentionally hurts you?” Nigel asked worriedly.


“She won’t,” Elise said.


“Permit me to intrude but the Earl is right, my lady,” the veterinarian said.


“But—” Elise started to protest.


“I am not asking you to leave. You can sit over there and watch,” Nigel said as he pointed to a chair.


“If you insist,” Elise said, and Nigel was relieved. He started leading Elise toward the chair. However, he was alarmed when Elise suddenly stopped walking.


“What is the matter?” Nigel asked when he saw Elise grow pale.


“I think my water has broken,” Elise said, and Nigel’s eyes widened in shock.


“Our own baby is on its way,” Elise announced, and Nigel was elated to hear this news.


“Our baby chose the perfect time for its arrival,” Elise said.


“Yes, it has,” Nigel responded. 


“I cannot wait to hold them in my arms. Thank you for making me the happiest man,” Nigel said, but Elise couldn’t respond as a scream tore from her throat.

Nigel knew there was no time to waste.


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