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Two Dukes and a Marquess. One widowed, one desperate, and the last one mysterious. They will find their way to happiness in their ladies’ hearts but they will have a long way until they reach them...

The Secrets of a Lady’s Past

Emily Miller has no choice but to abandon the quiet life she lived after the scandal that ruined her reputation and seeks a way to provide for herself as a governess. She finally gets the position in the widowed Duke of Walford, Roger Sinclair, who needs a woman to prepare his eldest daughter to enter society, but since he is not ready to marry again, a governess will do. They all accept Emily wholeheartedly, closing her wound of being cast out of society, and  Emily in turn, will help them all overcome their grief. But as the love between Emily and Roger becomes obvious for anyone to see,  will Emily manage to hold her own once her secrets start being used against her as a weapon by those who wish to leave the past undisturbed…?

What the Lady is Hiding

Lady Agnes Bolton has to visit the Attwood manor to meet her intended because her father has already decided that Marquess Winston Attwood, the heir to the Duchy is to be her husband and no one else. However, instead of him being found his way into her heart, the man’s younger brother, Spencer, will be the one that makes Agnes’s heart flutter. But her father would never settle for anything less than the heir. How will Agnes gather the courage to claim the right to choose the man she spends the rest of her life with considering an exposed past scandal that would take down the Attwoods?

A Masquerade of Pride and Love

Susanna, being the daughter of an Earl, has a line of suitors vying for her attention, but when she starts talking about women’s rights, most of them find the urge to flee. She will know he found the one for her when she will meet a mysterious, open-minded man at a masquerade. Not having revealed their identities Susanna will have to try-covertly-to locate her intriguing Hades, and fend off potential suitors her mother throws her way at the same time. How will Susanna and Augustus ever find each other again? The universe keeps throwing them together, but they are too stubborn to see it. Will they discover the truth in time, before someone finds the opportunity to twist it to her own gain…?

*If you like engaging characters, heart-wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “Falling for the Mysterious Ladies”!

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