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Three ladies refusing to bow down to their families’ expectations. Three men that captured their hearts and will never let go. When they join forces, nothing will stand in their way…

A Protective Earl for the Spirited Beauty:

Meet Yvaine Gordon, a twenty-year-old woman trying to navigate her way through life.

After discovering a shocking secret she makes the courageous decision to uproot her life and move to London to search for answers. However, life is far from easy for her there as she struggles to adjust to the strict etiquette. It’s certainly different from her past life in Scotland.

Although, on her journey to discover the truth she meets Victor Grant, Earl of Radcliffe. He is kind but reserved and incredibly instinctive when it comes to his mother and younger sister.

As Yvaine and Victor are thrown together they feel an undeniable attraction. But as secrets of the past finally show their true colours a darkness looms over this new romance.

Will her past jeopardize her future?

Once Upon a Time on Christmas:

Samuel Radcliff is the Marquess of Bexely and son of the Duke of Beresford. For the past two years he’s been traveling while being involved in his father’s ventures. Upon his return home, he’s faced with a sudden order from his parents to marry the girl next door. This girl comes in the form of Caroline Cooper, daughter of the Duke of Ollerton.

The pair have known each other for years but never in that capacity. They devise a clever plan to appear as though they’re courting in front of their families but meet others in secret in the meantime.

But as they spend more time together feelings of desire start to take hold.

What pressures will the new social season expose?

Stealing the Heart of a Runaway Lady:

Julianna Campbell is the daughter of the Duke of Repington. Her father has just managed to arrange a marriage for her. She is far from happy about this as her lifelong wish was to marry for love. Desperate to escape she decides to run away with a friend.

Upon their escape they run into an altercation and are thrown towards Colin Blackmore, Duke of Huntington and Morgan Baker. Although for Colin this rescue is more transactional.

As they all return home, Julianna and Colin are thrown close together and feelings of romance begin to form. But is this newfound romance the love Julianna has been waiting for?

*If you like engaging characters, heart-wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “The Secrets of Their Heart ”!

Buy “The Secrets of Their Heart” and unlock the exciting story of Yvaine, Caroline and Julianne today!

Also available with Kindle Unlimited!

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