Trying to save her childhood friend's estate, they'll discover a scheme and their love for each other!

Clean love. A pinch of mystery and finally… A villain with the perfect alibi!

Alex is about to become a Duke, right after his father dies. However, this new beginning seems to be a never-ending nightmare, as his estate is at stake, as it has become financially unstable. It definitely looks nothing like the glamorous life a Duke should be enjoying and it seems as if he has to do something to protect his estate from being lost due to bankruptcy. But fortunately, Alex has his childhood friends to back him up and together, they will try to keep the estate and see their friend succeed in his role as a Duke.

Hannah is the housekeeper's daughter and Alex's childhood friend. Not having admitted their feelings for each other, they are now going to do anything to protect the estate together, discovering that love is the most valuable belonging they have! From childhood friends to lovers, now facing a mystery they have to solve and obstacles created by whoever wants to see the Duke destroyed before they can live happily ever after... But who is the person plotting against the Duke and what are they seeking if not the most valuable of all his belongings?

If you like engaging characters, heart-wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “Saving her Duke”! Buy “Saving her Duke” and unlock the exciting story of Alex and Hannah today!

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