PrologueNigelThe Duke’s Estate at Berkley Square, London 1798.“And they lived happily ever

NigelThe Zoo“Come on, Rose, you can do it,” Elise cooed as she

Read it Now Falling for the wrong man never felt so right!A

Read it Now The music of an angel's harp is leading his

1823MaryShe plucked a few strings, listening contentedly as the simple chord resonated

Prologue1814MaryA sphere of blood sprang out, a viscous raindrop as scarlet as

Read it Now A child out of control. A grieving widow. A

PrologueKent, England, 1812.The Earl of Kincardine was dead. It had happened suddenly

The weeks following Arthur’s birth were deliriously happy. Mabel refused Simon’s offer

Read it Now There are no accidental meetings between souls.An Unbreakable Bond